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6.014 Ore
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Air Conditioner, Retarder, Rear View Camera, Emergency Steering, Air Ride Seat, Fast Fuel Fill

This item is inoperable and is sold as Salvage; The details included may not fully reflect all missing components


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Model Description
Descrizione Dettagli
Descrizione Dettagli
Drivetrain The drivetrain could not be operationally checked.
Hydraulics The hydraulic system could not be operationally checked.
The unit is a repossession. It has been sitting in the current location for over a year. It is possible that parts have been removed and there may have been some minor vandalism such as broken glass.

Damages include but not necessarily limited to: Bumper bent slightly. Fender cracked & dented. Some scratches in paint. Rear grill plastic frame cracked. Front cooler grill cracked. Bottom steps bent. Air con not functioning. Cab door gas strut broken. RHS rear window cracked. Rear wiper not working. Coolers clogged with dirt. Alternator not charging. Front light bulb missing. Two rear lights broken. Rear stabilizer rod bearings worn. Brown/black smoke noticed from motor.

Aspetto generale
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CE Mark No CE mark found
Certificato CE disponibile No
Hour Meter / Odometer 6014.5 hrs, Meter operational - IronPlanet non rilascia alcuna garanzia in quanto alle ore/miglia effettive; i nostri rilievi si limitano a quanto è possibile riscontrare visivamente.

Control Station
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Descrizione Valutazione Dettagli  

Control Station
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