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Sand and Rock Bins with Under-Bin Collection Belts, Cement Silo w/Dust Control System, Water Metering System, Twin Screw Blending Chamber, Truck Loading Discharge Conveyor on Main Plant, Auxiliary Cement Bin Feeds Main Plant with Auger/Screw Conveyor, Van Trailer Mounted 217 kVA Genset with Controls and Parts Storage Space, T/A Dry Bulk Product Storage Trailer. Contact Matheus Duarte at (925) 380-1032 and Angel Aguayo at (925) 968-4920. Or make an offer above. Se Habla Español.

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Main Plant
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Main components are in place and machine appears to be generally complete. Some lines and hoses for the dust control cracked/broken. Shipping dimensions: 8’10” wide, 41’ long, 13’ tall

Auxiliary cement batch bin
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Main components are in place and machine appears to be generally complete. Some lines and hoses for product transfer cracked/broken. Shipping dimensions: 10’2” wide, 41’ long, 13’ tall

Auger/screw conveyor
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No identifying marks, data tags or labels found. Appears to be generally complete. Right side leg/stand bent. Not operationally checked. Dimensions: 6’ wide, 30’ long, 13’ tall

Plant controls / Generator Trailer
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The trailer has three rooms from front to rear: Plant control/office, parts/supplies storage, generator. Trailer Vin: 8U0 5653 007. Year: 80, Make: Utility, Model: INC. 48' Long x 13'2" High x 8' Wide. Has Vehicle Standards Compliance Label. Trailer GVRW: 65,000. Tire size: 205/75R24.5. Ingersoll-Rand 217 kVA John Deere 6.8L diesel powered generator w/ 12346 Hours. Engine has EPA label. Engine has signs of fuel a leak, no engine oil or coolant leaks seen. Generator is hard wired to connection mounted on trailer exterior. Stairs are fitted for double doors on side of trailer.

Bulk Product Trailer
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No manufactures data plate found. Tire size 11R22.5. Item appears to be generally complete. Item not operationally checked. Dimensions: 8’ wide, 45’ long, 13’tall. Lights and brakes not operationally checked, tires appear to be ok.
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